Monday, August 24, 2015

Better to yell laorana

This week was good! We are still climbing out of the hole last month put us in.  We decided that all the investigators we had needed to be changed because all the people that we were teaching still were not progressing. It’s hard to help people change when they don’t want to. But time gives people a good perspective on how much they really need the Gospel. So we have been finding a lot of people and we have a super big open house planned for next month.  We are hoping to have a few baptisms the same day to make it special like last month. I love missionary work!
So today I had the blessing to take an Elder who was about to finish his mission to go and sign up for school.  I forgot how much I love waiting in school offices to talk to people. And today I learned to love everyone asking me if I needed help or asking who I was looking for....  I got a whole briefing on how to apply and register if I didn’t finish high school. I don’t miss school stuff that much. I did make a few old lady friends, so it wasn’t all bad. 
 So also this week we were eating with a family that lived in a large apartment complex. As we were walking up we realized we didn’t have the family’s apartment number so we waited to see if they would call us.  We waited for so long and a lady told us to go though the parking garage.  So we ended up walking though the garage when the door opened when a car went through and we made our way up to the top floor.  Every thing was so so dark.  I already hate apartment buildings as I’m so used to yelling LAORANA at people’s doors and not knocking on those.  That’s ridiculous. Well anyway, I was looking for the light switch, and when I found it and pushed it and nothing was happening so I tried three more times and on the third time I hear a slight ringing noise and I realize I was ringing a doorbell! Oh my gosh!   I couldn’t even explain my fear and what I had done to my companion hahaha it was the first "real' door to door I have ever done and it was awful. I was called here for a reason! 
Well I’m not going to say that we doorbell ditched this apartment but we walked quickly to the members apartment.  Don’t worry no one lived there. 
Also this week we had a conference with Elder Pearson and Robbins, and something that they talked about that I really liked is the need to understand the opposite to really understand a certain concept. Like to fully understand health, you must understand sickness, How grateful I am to have hard days because with hard days I can better appreciate and love the good ones. To really understand the beauty of a firefly, it needs a dark backdrop. Life has a funny way of giving us the darker backdrop, but its up to us to find and appreciate the fireflies.
 I know this Gospel is true
I love you all 
Elder Moller

PS  Elder Moller also advised us that he will be coming home December 28th. What a great Christmas present, even if it is a few days late. 

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