Monday, August 10, 2015

Faa'a Boys

So after these last two weeks of running around, this week felt a little slow, but went by really fast at the same time! This week we had Elder Randell with us who got back from the islands who will finish their missions today with my trainer Elder Jessop and Elder Doit as well! So I will have a total of two old companions left in the field, including Elder Warren. So that’s weird. Yesterday we had our last concert halfway around the island, it was really good but I’m so happy to be done! So today consisted of going shopping and taking Elder Randell to buy some stuff, and roaming around in Papeete! I think I’m staying in FAA'A still, that will make 7 months!! Im officaly a FAAA BOY. I actualy love serving in the city! the scetch is the best! anyway I love you all and hope all is well!
I love the Gospel and being able to share it!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Moller
P.s. This week a lady we teach asked me if I wanted to marry her daughter, don’t worry mom I said no. I hate when that happens. My companion thought it was so funny. its not funny.

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