Monday, November 23, 2015


Elder Moller returns home on December 29th at 4:06 PM.
His mission report will be on January 10th at 9 AM at our building and we will have a get together at our home after.

As you sit down this week for Thanksgiving please remember 2 sweet servants of the Lord as they sit down and enjoy their canned vegetables, chicken and peaches.  Be grateful for all you have.  We are all so blessed.



I’ve just been sitting here trying to think what to write about, everything just seems so normal. Normal being on a little speck of land in the Pacific. 
Yesterday at church was great. We got a call Saturday telling us the Sunday School teacher would not be able to make it to church because of boat problems, Because I was teaching combined priesthood and Relief Society My companion got the privilege to teach Sunday School, and this week just happened to fall on Revelations. Lucky Lucky.
This week we did a service project with Kaleikau (one of our investigators) and we went to collect coconuts in the woods. As fun as that sounds it was actually kinda hard. You walk into the coconut trees and there are so many coconuts but when you pick them up they’re all rotten or hollow or just a "bad" coconut for no apparent reason. So I would grab by little armful of coconuts and I would have to leave them all behind! I felt like I was playing Where's Waldo but on the page where they’re a billion Waldos and you have to find "the Waldo", it’s something like that. Mixed in with looking for centipedes, making sure coconuts don’t fall on your head and being covered in little pokeies! I liked it!
So I guess we can say that was the excitement of the week, because I was a little under the weather.  My bowels are so clean now, and our shower bucket turned into Elder Moller's throw up bucket, so multifunctional!!
I guess my body is just prepping itself for the feast that is about to happen on Thursday! We bought a can of corn and can of green beans, two chicken legs, some sweet chili sauce, instant potatoes (which I probably won’t eat because that’s what filled our shower bucket when I got sick) a can of peaches and some cream! It’s kinda a big deal! No I’m actually really excited.
So yeah I wish you all a happy thanksgiving.  I’m so thankful for all that God has given me during my life and during these past 2 years! That is what will make Thursday go great, All the things I have to be thankful for!
I love you all so much

 Elder Moller
We also had our first district meeting this week, we were huddled over our phone for two hours! We loved it!

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