Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting Used to Things

Getting Used to Things

This week was pretty good.  We have found a lot of new investigators and had quite a few lessons. I know how to missionary in the city! Also I got my car again.  I like it here, but people are not the same.  They’re so French and missing the island charm, but the area is great.  And compared to my other two sectors the ward is massive! So big, but nothing we cant handle! 
 So today we played beach soccer with the zone, and ate sandwiches in the rain.  In the zone of Faaa there are 5 missionaries who came with me so it’s just a party all the time!
 And just to help those who might not know when you say Faaa, you have to say faa,a there’s always a glottal stop when you have two of the same letters next to each other! So remember that!
 So yeah also this week we found a new investigator who started his own church and his job is talking to babies! So...yeah. He’s interesting.
 But all is well, and last week we got invited to chop down some forest with machetes.  That’s the worst! I didn’t know blisters could form in seconds! What’s up with that?  I was chopping trees so funny with both my hands to avoid the blisters! And it just gave me more! I’m almost recovered!
 Well I think that’s all for today! I love you all and I pray for you!
 Have a good week!
 Elder Moller


Bonus Track from email to Darleen.

but before I tell you anything else I have to tell you  guys a story because I’ve been dying!!!  So it was Friday and we were going around another missionaries area doing a little questionnaire to help them find new people to teach.  So basically we were roaming around having no idea where we were going asking people questions.  Well anyway I find this house and yell IORANA and this old guy and his son come and talk to us.  Well my companion starts talking to the son so I talk with the guy and he loves the questionnaire!  So he tells me to come into his house and so I dragged my companion with me because I didn’t want to lose the guy because he bolted off.   I soon find myself in his living room/chapel.  So I am a little creeped but I kept talking to him, and then we get to the question "do you believe that miracles still exist?" and he looks at me and asks "is talking to a baby in his mothers womb a miracle?" Okay for me that’s a little weird but I couldn’t lie that’s a miracle!   Well he continues to tell me that that’s what he does for his work! so I was thinking like dog whisperer type thing, but he talks to babies! So I was a little wierded out and I wondered why it wasn’t me talking to his son! Well long story short, he started his own church, and there’s an alien named Yetty who will come visit them soon! He is crazy! But he might be a potential investigator!

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