Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Elder Doit

Hello everyone! This week was actually really really good! We were able to fix three more baptism dates for the 28 March!! And with three coming up for this Saturday we are pretty busy, but it’s a good busy! 

This week I have had a lot of little blessings! This week we were able to do another sondage (a questionnaire where we find people who are interested to talk to missionaries) so I went with a new convert from another ward and we just roamed a few streets looking for some people to help and do our little questionnaire, so we were walking when satan in the form of a dog leaped at us! Oh my gosh thank all heavens he with tied up and I was just far enough away.

So the owner came out and he invited us in, we sat down and he tells us his name is Erik and he is 70 years old, told us his life story a little a lot bit, and then he tells us that the problem with our world is money, then he asked us what the cure is. I did not know what to say I was deciding between Jesus, love and, thrift stores when he got up and left the room. He came back with a guitar in hand he looks us in the eyes and says "music”.  Soon after followed three world cleansing songs and I was actually quite happy with my luck for that day! So all in all Erik was really interested in talking with missionaries so I hope the missionaries in that area have fun with my friend Erik! 

The best part was after when my little member companion tells me that his friend was on his way to pick us up, and it turns out to be Thomas! I don’t think I have mentioned him in any emails but I taught him in my first sector and he came to church every Sunday. When I left to Tahaa he moved back to his house in Faaa, took the lessons and got baptized and how I was doing sondage with him! Oh my gosh I was so happy! 

Oh yeah and today was my companion’s birthday, so we went to the park to play games, and the choices were Monopoly and Risk............ Happy Birthday with the two most long and boring games ever!
So I chose Monopoly and I cannot believe how competitive people got! Hahaha It was Tahiti version so I just went around buying all my old areas!! 

But this week was good; I may have umm misplaced my usb card sooo pictures will come next week! Sorry! But I love you all so much and have a good week!

I swear that dog had an evil tiki spirit in em. It basically had glowing red eyes!

Elder Moller  

Have a good week my family I love you all so much

We had a family night and a member shared a little quote that I really liked

She asked, "What’s the price of one soul?"

                             Then she replied  "The life of a God"

I know the Jesus Christ died for us all so that we all might live again.
It was a great price and it was paid.

Love you all
Elder Moller

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