Monday, May 4, 2015

No elephantitus for me

Hello everybody, hahah I never really know how to start these emails.
This week was good! But first things first, don’t be alarmed because I have my Elephantitus medicine at home ready for me to take tonight so I will not come home looking like an elephant. If you don’t know what elephantitus is, probably don’t look it up, it’s tragic.  You swell up like an elephant its  awful!! But I’m safe now!
This week just went by so fast I don’t even know if anything that amazing has happened!  Same old stuff.  Oh yes I do have a demand, I’d like you to pray, and If you don’t I’m asking you to start.  Just think of me and my manual driving skills. Thanks!  I have a test coming up this Thursday and with all my experience (3 times) I might fast this week. No, but really, having a French person yelling at you while you are driving is now on my list of things I never want to do. Awful. He was using verbs that I’m pretty sure they don’t teach until the doctorate degree in French. How is someone supposed to focus on chickens, children, dogs, cats, scooters, dumb bikers, tractors, birds, and other cars when you have to change a stupid stick thing every second?  I’m fasting. 
 Well anyway we have a Baptism coming up this Saturday. He is my favorite and his name is Hititua and he is 10 and he calls me his godfather, I’ll accept that title! Actually I don’t know what that means, as the only godfather I know is in Harry Potter. Seems pretty cool!
Well my family I’ll talk to you Sunday!!
Happy Happy Mothers day
Love you all my friends and family!!!!
Have a good week.
Love your missionary friend,
Elder Moller

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