Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Happy Mother's Day

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day
 Iaorana my family and friends.
Skype was so great, and family I’m sorry you watched me eat that start fruit for like five minutes, I thought it was frozen on your side too!! hahaha.
This week was good as it was Hititua's baptism this past Saturday and we ate more corndogs after!  A win win! Hititua is the first member in his family and will help us teach his parents and his brother the gospel! Other than that this week was pretty normal.
 The Mission is starting up the missionary concerts again, so we will be meeting up with all the missionaries on the island and practicing every week.It’s really fun to be able to see everyone!
 Next week I’ll have lots of news about the transfer this week and how my driving test goes. I’m sorry this email lacks information but Ill try to find some good pictures! I’m doing good and I love you all!!
And have a good week!

 Fun Story: so when I started my mission during the 170 anniversary of the Church in Tahiti I wrote in 3 books of Mormon and we passed them out to random people.  Well, a year later and two areas after I have one of our investigators tell me he has a Book of Mormon with my name in it! I wrote that over a year ago!

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