Monday, January 26, 2015

Family and friends bonjour

Family and friends Bonjour!

The one thing I hate worse then spelling in English is spelling in French, oh my gosh its the worst!  I am so sorry for all the future missionaries that come and see the teaching records I have done!  It’s basically not even spelling it’s guessing! But it’s fine! If Joseph translated the plates, my teaching records will be a cinch! 

This week was so good! After all the parties and sickness on the island we were finally able to have a normal week! 

This week I think I killed a fish on my bike and I thought that probably isn’t a worry in many other missions, gosh stinking crabs and fish everywhere, This last week I kid you not I almost ran over a chicken! I thought it would move and it just...didn’t! Uuugh so much stress! You look up wave to someone and Blam Blam you took the innocent lives of two crabs! How do I teach with the spirit when you’re a killer! No, I know it probably fine but I still feel bad! 

But this week was good we rode our bikes a ton and no flats! I just fly through everything that’s in my way! 

We are working on four baptisms at the moment, and it never fails to surprise me how right after a date is fixed, it’s like we open the doors to problems! But if your investigators do the small things like prayer and studies in the scriptures they are always able to overcome all the problems! The small things are essential! But it strengthens my testimony each time! Not only can you see the hand of God in this work you can see the opposing hand as well!
One will lose! It’s the one you’re pushing against!
To overcome anything you have to rise above it!
The upward climb is always the harder of the two, but it’s the one that allows you to come-over or overcome any trial in your life!
Lets go up the hill not down it! One step at a time!

Let us all press on! in the rain in the snow in the work of the Lord!

Love you all!!

Elder Moller

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