Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Muddy pants

My little thought for today is "give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he doesn’t catch a thing and he'll probably starve so its just better to give him a fish!"
I speak from experience ocean fishing is the hardest thing. The only thing me and my companion caught was the biggest sunburn haha we are both walking like zombies today! 

Well anyway this week was good transfer calls came and my companion and me will be staying in Tahaa for another six weeks, so we’re happy! Tahaa is pretty awesome! 

This week for lunch I decided that I wanted a coconut.  So there is this tree just next to our house. Let me tell you all how one American and his French companion get a coconut from a tree.  Well first, my companion starts by throwing small fruit at the coconuts and kicking the tree, while I tie two brooms together with one of my many destroyed tire tubes to whack the coconuts.  My broom breaks! So I get my string to hang our clothes to dry and I tie it to a pole to loop it around the coconuts! And it works so I pull so hard and a big tasty coconut falls down hits a rock flies down a hill and off a small cliff into who knows where! So I run to see where my coconut went, slip on mud and tumble down the hill as well!  I sat on the ground so so muddy while my companion resorted to throwing small fruit again! 

People say it is easy to live off the land here but I am convinced I would die! I ate a few crackers for lunch that day.

It is much better to ride my bike and help people with things I know how to do!

Teaching the Gospel is not something that is hard to do, and it’s not hard to understand!

This kind of fishing is way better than the fishing in the ocean!

God loves us, and we are his Children! 

All He has given us is proof he is there and that He wants what is best for us!

All that is good comes from God and He has given us a way that it can continue with Him!
God is love (1 John 4) He gave us his son, and because of him, all is possible!

So much better than coconuts!
And muddy pants!

I love you all as well and have a good week!

Elder Moller

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