Monday, June 23, 2014

His Name Was My Name Too

My mission president called me last night, I held up okay until the drive home the Titanic theme song came on and I was done.
I didnt appriciate those words until yesterday,
Where ever Grandpa is, Any of us are,
our hearts and our love for each other will go on. 
I hate to bring that song up right now, but it destroyed me yesterday.
My dear family I am just writing you today, because I love you most.
I hope the viewing and funeral were beautiful, And thank you dad for puting a little piece of me in your talk. I couldnt agree more with Elder Dalton,
I couldnt be happier to serve along side my best friend, The work for the dead and the work for the living is the same work, The same love, The same saving Gospel, just in different places!
Van L Dalton was the most amazing example of how to love.
I think we all have many treasured memories of Grandpa, let us be thankful for every single one and be thankfull that will will have more in the live after this one.
This is the Peace the Gospel can bring
This is the love in the message that we have
Let us have love, courage, and peace!
For Christ was risen, and so shall we rise
to live forever together with the love of our god.

I Love you my dear family, 
I am far but I feel near.
you are far but you feel near.
Grandpa is near to all of us.

Elder Dalton kenneth moller

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