Monday, April 20, 2015

It's About Time

It’s About Time
 Hello all my friends and family!! I’ll try to have more to say this week but I hope I remember everything!
So this past week we had two baptisms! Victor and Ioane! Both investigators that I starting teaching here in Pamatai, and they are so cool! Ioane has been taking the lessons for about four weeks, and he really had a few miracles and he decided to follow what the spirit was leading him to do! Also, Victor is planning to baptize his wife this Saturday! The area is doing awesome! 
 Today we had a service project, where we moved chicken cages. This guy owns so many chickens and he fights them and we just kinda rearranged the cages like someone would rearrange a living room, it was a nice change.
 Also, this week with our zone we had a massive- I guess in English you would say farming party hahahahaha- so we just took axes and hoes and went at it on this strip of land so we could plant good plants on it, it was fun but the weeds here are so big, I will never complain again about weeding in Utah hahaha it is so easy!
 Oh yeah so last week for Pday we drove to the other side of the island to visit the gardens, where the massive tortious lives.  We walked around these gardens for about two hours and we saw the turtle! It was the best thing! Then we visited the other gardens and there were signs describing all the plants in Tahiti! I was so happy looking at what plants were toxic and what plants were used in blowgun darts, and what waterfall was used to bathe all the lost wandering spirits. I also leaned that I should stop tasting plants. And after that we visited some cave things that were really cool. We had a grand ole time! So yeah that has been my life for the last two weeks and all is well!
 Other then that at the gardening party I kept falling down because we were on a massive hill. And I got attacked by some bees but that is pretty normal because I stepped on their home! And the tortious is 150 years old; I don’t know how they know that. I’m sorry that I forgot everything that I did this week but just know that Tahiti is still here and so am I.
 I love my mission, and I love everything I learn!
 If you pull a hangnail, it could get infected! And not just a little bit. A lot bit! And it could like start pussing and like making your finger all nasty! And then you might call the doctor, and then it would be really hard to know how to say hangnail in French so he doesn’t believe you so he tells you to soak it in water. That does not help! So you finally set up an appointment and he gives you the nastiest nasty antibiotic fruit drink mix that you have to drink three times a day! And you wonder why you pulled that stupid hangnail and then you accept the fact and you decide you will never pull a hangnail as long as you live!
 The things you learn heuh! 
 Well I love you all so much and I pray for you all! 
Stay safe and stay happy!
I know that this Gospel is true! And so can you!

Elder Moller

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